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The sale of an aircraft requires a thorough understanding of the aircraft model to be sold, the ability to evaluate and assess its “true” market value, and the ability to identify and present the aircraft to qualified prospective buyers worldwide in a manner which achieves its optimal sales price. The knowledge required is comprehensive in scope and requires a team of experts in marketing, maintenance, law and finance. Avia Americas from its inception was formed on the basis of partnering with the best in these fields enabling us to provide the required expertise few can. From our proprietary database of prospective buyers to the closing and delivery of the aircraft anywhere in the world, over 100 years of combined partner experience makes the transaction seamless.

Highlights of our Sales Process below:

1. Aircraft Valuation / Market Valuation
We prepare three reports in assessing the aircrafts value: 1. A report showing the aircraft value as per the industry standard valuation service, 2. Sales transactions over the past 12 months, and 3. A “Comp” sheet of on and off-market aircraft currently for sale. The values are adjusted to the total times, options, and condition. It is the due diligence required to properly assess the aircrafts value.

2. Setting the Sales Price
Based on the Aircraft/Market Valuation, a suggested sales price is given the client. It will best reflect the price level we believe will sell the aircraft. The client can either agree to the recommended price or advise his/her own realistic price, the value of which is mutually agreed upon. The Avia Americas team will do all possible to further enhance the value of the aircraft by providing financing and services options to prospective buyers.

3. Preparing For Market
Once the sales price is set, we begin the process of preparing the aircraft for market. We photograph the aircraft if required, prepare specification sheets and photo brochures for submittal to prospective buyers, and place the photos and specifications on Avia Americas web site.
4. Marketing
Marketing is done in two stages: 1. Off-Market, and 2. On-Market.
Off-Market begins by sending direct email campaigns to current turbine aircraft owners and our proprietary list of prospective companies and individuals. The aircraft is offered with finance and trade options. We prefer Off-Market as the “best” price is normally attained by dealing with the owners/prospective buyers direct and it has given us good results. It also keeps the clients business confidential. On-Market campaigns are done by placing the aircraft for sale on a respected Aviation Market Intelligence service that serves a limited number of important broker/dealers in the world. It is quite expensive and only the most serious and reputable broker/dealer companies in the world subscribe to. We also advertise in productive client oriented publications.

5. Communications – Offer to Purchase
The Avia Americas team receives, responds, and qualifies all inquiries and communicates the activity as well as market changes to the client on a weekly basis. All offers are negotiated to represent the client’s best interest and are submitted to the client for review. When the basic terms are agreed upon by all parties, the buyer is asked to send a deposit into escrow, and the offer goes to our attorney for review. Working with buyers attorney, he inserts the terms found in the Sales Agreement to the Offer, this to avoid disagreements which could delay or terminate the sale later on.

6. The Sales Agreement – Pre-Purchase Inspection
As per the Offer, the terms are inserted into the Sales Agreement by our attorney and the contract is executed making the deposit non-refundable. At that time the aircraft is relocated to the Pre-Purchase Inspection facility. We have excellent relationships with manufacturer repair facilities and will make recommendations as to where to have the pre-purchase inspection done. This would have been included in the Offer to Purchase and the Sales Agreement. Our expert will remain with the aircraft to oversee the pre-purchase inspection through the acceptance flight further protecting the clients’ interests.

7. Closing
Having closed hundreds of aircraft transactions, our attorney will be there at the closing ensuring a smooth transaction and that all required documentation is in order and filed with the appropriate parties (banks, FAA, etc.).

No matter the complexity of the transaction or part of the world the parties are from, the Avia Americas team is there to protect your interest and ensure a smooth transaction. Let us protect your interest. Call for a Free consultation.  

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