Protecting Your Interests

Aircraft maintenance is straightforward with hourly and calendar scheduled inspections. The maintenance facility submits a work order to the aircraft owner with a laundry list of required items to do for a particular inspection, and a price to complete each. Many items are left “To Be Determined” as they cannot assess a price until the aircraft is opened. The owner signs the work order, the work is completed, and when he/she goes to pick up the aircraft finds the final bill is TRIPLE what the initial quote was.

99% of aircraft owners do not know what the items being done in a work order are, and most rely on their pilots for guidance who know or can inquire and understand what they are. It takes years of experience actually doing maintenance to understand the “To Be Determined”s however. And the person with that experience needs to be present when the work is being done at the maintenance facility to protect the aircraft owner’s interest.

Avia Americas Director of Maintenance has over 35 years of aircraft maintenance experience which began turning wrenches a long time ago, to what today encompasses maintenance oversight, pre-purchase inspections, log book reviews, aircraft mechanical valuations, new aircraft completion oversight (hired by the OEM’s), Part 135 conformities, and resolving problems with the FAA. His knowledge is comprehensive because he has done it, and he subsequently knows what to expect in the “To be Determined”s.

Highlights of the Maintenance Oversight service.

• We contact OEM and OEM approved maintenance facilities and request quotes to determine the best price and down time. The information is provided client for approval and scheduling. Our Director of Maintenance will monitor the work done and any required repairs outside the scope of the normal inspection (e.g corrosion repair, etc.) will be first acknowledged/approved by him and sent to the client for approval.

• Logbooks Records Management – we will ensure all maintenance documentation is properly entered into client’s logbooks.

• We update and keep current your aircraft computerized maintenance records (e.g. CAMP).

• We provide the pilot a current maintenance “Due List” to keep in the cockpit to cover the aircraft in the event of an FAA ramp check.

• Paint & Interior Refurbishment – we can provide quotes and oversee the work.

Protect your interests. Have a qualified, experienced maintenance representative overseeing your inspections. Call us for more information.