management services
Your Personal Flight Department

The Avia Americas team provides turnkey aircraft management solutions which allow owners the ability to enjoy their aircraft without the time consuming administrative, regulatory, and operational aspects associated with day to day operation. Our mission is to make your mission safe and seamless while controlling ownership and operating costs.

Below are highlights of our management services:


• We conduct a maintenance review and provide a 12 month projection of what inspections will be coming due and when. We contact OEM and OEM approved maintenance facilities and request quotes to determine the best price and down time. The information is provided client for approval and scheduling. Our Director of Maintenance will monitor the work done and any required repairs outside the scope of the normal inspection (e.g corrosion repair, etc.) will be first acknowledged/approved by him and sent to the client for approval.

• We review and monitor SB's (Service Bulletins) and AD's (Airworthiness Directives), and notify you of their requirements and corresponding compliance deadlines if any.

• We arrange repairs to all squaks reported to us by the clients pilot, whether they are mechanical or squaks found in the cabin.

• We provide the pilot a current maintenance “Due List” every month to keep in the cockpit to cover the aircraft in the event of an FAA ramp check.

• We update and keep current your aircraft computerized maintenance records (e.g. CAMP).

• We monitor your engine and/or airframe maintenance program and send the monthly per hour invoices to the client.

• Logbooks Records Management – we will ensure all maintenance documentation is properly entered in the client’s logbooks.

• Paint & Interior Refurbishment – we can provide quotes and oversee the work.

• Insurance – we can provide quotes from the major insurance companies allowing the client to select the “best” price and policy.

• Crew Training – we can provide quotes from the major training facilities again providing options to the client.

Our management services are designed to 1) ensure Safety, 2) control ownership and operational costs, and 3) protect the asset value of the client’s aircraft. Our services are focused. And as your “employee / contractor”, know that your best interests are being looked after.

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