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The objective of any acquisition is to select an aircraft that best fulfills the needs of the client, and to locate and purchase the “best” aircraft at the “best” price. Sounds simple enough. However the proper completion of an acquisition is a complex process that few companies are able to perform. There is extensive due diligence which requires a team of experts in marketing, maintenance, law and finance. Avia Americas from its inception was formed on the basis of partnering with the best in these fields enabling us to provide professional uncompromised service few can.

From evaluating mission requirements to the intricacies of the pre-purchase inspection to the closing at a "fly"away" state, or export overseas, over 100 years of combined partner experience makes the transaction seamless. And we assist you in all items required to put your aircraft into service, from exporting or importing the aircraft, to radio licenses, changing registration numbers, RVSM and maintenance program enrollments and more. We act as your personal flight department until the aircraft is delivered to you. And afterwards if you so desire.

Highlights of our Acquisition Process below:

1. Client Requirements / Aircraft Model Selection
We send you a report comparing performance, dimensions and operating costs of select aircraft models meeting your budget, mission and passenger requirements. You select the aircraft model to target, or prioritize them letting the best market price and conditions dictate your final selection decision.
2. Aircraft Valuation / Market Valuation
Some model aircraft are more desirable than others in the marketplace. We prepare and provide two reports for the selected aircraft model(s): 1. A report showing the aircraft values by production year, and 2. Sales transactions over the past 12 months vs. how many are on the market. Combined they provide an indication of what the aircraft models value will be in the future.

3. Sourcing Target Aircraft
Worldwide sourcing begins by contacting all target model owners directly. The “best” price is normally attained by dealing with the owners direct. We then go to off-market and on-market broker/dealers. We do this because the “best” aircraft may be represented by a sellers agent. In such cases the Avia Americas team will negotiate the “best” price.

4. The “COMP” Sheet. Comparing “Apples with Apples”
We take the information acquired through the sourcing campaign and compile a “Comp” spreadsheet, where a detailed analysis of the target aircraft is done. The values are adjusted according to the findings and a “true” value of the aircraft is assessed. The above are key factors in the selection and price negotiations of an aircraft.

5. The Short List
Based on the “Comp” sheet analysis results, we compile a short list and create a spreadsheet for each showing future maintenance requirements and corresponding downtime. We then present our findings to the client, make recommendations, and the client directs us to begin negotiations on the aircraft he/she selects.

6. Negotiations and Final Aircraft Selection
The Avia Americas team will negotiate the terms, conditions, and “best” price of the client selected aircraft and report the findings and makes recommendations to the client. Based on those results, the client selects the aircraft to purchase.

7. The Deposit and Offer to Purchase
Once the aircraft is selected to acquire, the client sends a deposit to the escrow agent which will remove the aircraft from the market, and our attorney begins the preparation of the Offer. Unlike others, the Offer is prepared in a manner which mirrors the Purchase Agreement to avoid disagreements which could delay or terminate the acquisition later on.

8. Log Book / Preliminary Review
After the Offer is completed, we send an expert to review the logbooks, confirm the specifications of the aircraft are as represented, assess the overall condition of the aircraft, and to recommend what inspections should be done for the pre-purchase inspection.

9. The Purchase Agreement
After the successful completion of the Log Book /Preliminary Review, the Purchase Agreement is prepared and signed by all parties.

10. The Pre-Purchase Inspection
We have excellent relationships with manufacturer repair facilities and will make recommendations as to where to have the pre-purchase inspection done. Our expert will remain with the aircraft to oversee the pre-purchase inspection through the acceptance flight further protecting the clients' interests.

11. Closing
Having closed hundreds of aircraft transactions, our attorney will be there at the closing ensuring a smooth transaction and that all required documentation is in order.

Anyone can purchase an aircraft. But only an informed client can purchase the “right” aircraft at the “right” price. Let us protect your interests. Call for a free consultation.



Global 5000 Wanted Off Market

2008-2009 Turnkey Aircraft w/ Fans and 8C/Gear OH c/w. >> Contact Us


Falcon 900EX

Early model preferred. Paint and interior not important. >> Contact Us


Global 5000 Wanted

Price driven client. Early model preferred. Paint and interior not important. >> Contact Us