Your Point of Contact in the US.

Whether you are purchasing a US registered aircraft, selling to a US buyer, importing/exporting an aircraft to/from the US, or just coming to the US for routine maintenance, for someone who is not from the United States, the requirements to complete what seems simple can be challenging. Especially so if you do not speak English. It can cost you time, money, and a tremendous amount of aggravation.

The Avia Americas team has over100 years of combined team experience and expertise in accomplishing these tasks, providing a US presence and point of contact for overseas clients. We can provide Turnkey Service, picking up your aircraft from anywhere in the world, completing the assigned tasks, then returning it to the destination of your choice, or we can assist your pilot or flight department, acting as translator and providing direction in completing whatever the required task is.

Below are services we offer overseas clients.

• Foreign Aircraft Imports & Placement into Service. Comprehensive and Turnkey including the establishment of trusts and completing requirements for US ownership and N registration, customs, scheduling and overseeing inspections required for the Certificate of Airworthiness, radio licenses, to customs decals, and more.
• Aircraft Exports. From de-registration to delivery.
• New Aircraft Completion oversight.
• Maintenance oversight. From requesting bids from OEM and OEM approved maintenance facilities, to overseeing the repair work and making the entries into clients log books once completed.
• Paint and Interior Refurbishment oversight.

Let us take away the stress and frustration that can accompany aircraft administrative tasks in a foreign country. Call for a Free consultation. We look forward to being your point of contact in the US.